Our Story

Katie and Anne first partnered up in the classroom, collaborating to create a stimulating environment for their students. One recurring motivational theme was that learning is like a climb. Its hard work, but reaching the top is amazing! Each learning climb is unique and may provide its own challenges. Guidance, the appropriate equipment, and perseverance are key to success.

It was from their shared educational vision, coupled with the knowledge that parental involvement is vital to achievement, K-3 Climbers was born. Katie and Anne have created an organized and easy-to-use educational solution, to help parents enhance their child’s learning experiences. Their specially designed Trail Map guides families with quick daily activities, delivered right to their doorstep each month. Developing this habit of learning positively influences a child’s social and academic confidence.

Katie and Anne both reside in Hudson, Ohio with their families. Together they have enjoyed teaching in the classroom, with 40 combined years of instructional experience in Northeast Ohio. They are excited with their new venture bringing K-3 Climbers to parents and their young climbers.