Ranger and Timber

mountain academy2Ranger and Timber first met at The Mountain Academy when they were just little pups. Both arrived at the Academy with a passion for learning, the thrill of discovery and the desire to become official mountain guides. Becoming a guide had been a dream of Ranger’s his entire life.

Ranger had learned about Academy life from his grandfather, who had attended the prestigious school himself long ago. Every evening Ranger heard stories about the adventures, friendships and challenges his grandfather had faced while learning to be a mountain guide. It was from these special times with his grandfather that Ranger knew he wanted to follow in his footsteps. His dream came true one spring when he received his acceptance letter to begin school at the end of the summer.

Arriving at The Mountain Academy, Ranger walked up the path to Spruce Lodge. He was a bundle of nerves, but excited as he took his first step into the cabin. Inside was a mix of young animals from all around the mountain range. The energy in the room was electric. Ranger could see some were just as nervous as he, while others were tackling one another and playing around. It was on this day, that Ranger met his friend for life.

While waiting for cabin assignments, Ranger was tackled by a grey and white ball of fur. He was toppled to the ground, licked in the face, and greeted with “Hello! I’m Timber! What’s your name big guy?” That was the first of many romps he would share with his new friend.

Sharing the same cabin, Ranger and Timber spent the year building their independence and self-reliance. Together they helped one another through their journeys, sharing lots of laughter and fun. As official guide dogs now, they are ready to assist children as they climb. Each climb is unique and may provide some challenges, but the view at the top is always amazing!