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5 Steps to Plan a Fun Adventure Day

Looking at the school calendar, I noticed few days off coming up and started thinking about pulling together an adventure day with my daughter, sister and niece. For several years, I have enjoyed a variety of adventure days. (quest hikes, museums, train rides, caving, etc.) The common theme for all of the adventures is to take time to actively be together for a special day out and about. In the end, we built lasting memories, explored and felt energized.

Below are 5 of the steps I consider in picking an adventure:

  1. Time: How far away can we travel? How much time can we spend on our adventure? ½ day, full day or more.
  2. Cost: Free is always great, such as hiking or biking to cool areas (waterfalls, rivers, mountain peaks). Some adventures can be low cost (canoeing, museums, city walk) and sometimes you feel the need to splurge (hot air balloon rides, amusement parks).
  3. Thrill Factor: What are you willing to take on for the day? How adventurous do you feel? Is it educational?
  4. Food: The best situation is a great restaurant close or I pack a lunch for our day trips and buy a special treat/dessert.
  5. Weather: If planning a few weeks ahead of time, it is a good idea to have an outdoor and indoor adventure option.

For an added touch of adventure, make the destination a surprise or invite others to join in the adventure.



Traveling with K-3 Climbers in London

choose a toolkit

About a month into using k-3 climbers with my 5 year old (and a partially participating 3 year old), we took a month long trip to the UK and decided that we would take a monthly kit with us and try to continue our daily routine of performing a couple of activities a day.

To maximize efficiency, we decided to go through the trail map for the month and take out the items we would need from the toolkit as we were conscious of our luggage traveling internationally. We decided to skip taking the larger items (such as boxes of unfix cubes and k-3 climbers plastic sorting boxes) and we highlighted any activities we were not able to do. So far so good, we found it easy to pick up the monthly kit and extract what we thought we would need by a quick review of activity sheets. It took a bit of time to do this but we found it worked for us.

Once we settled into our routine in the UK, we picked up doing the activities during the part of the day that most suited our schedule (breakfast time) and for the most part we had success! We picked up items such as scissors, coloring pens, glue sticks etc over there. Hana (5) really enjoyed this structured part of the day especially as she was out of pre school for the month. Even Eva (3), would run to the table to participate especially if there was glue and coloring involved! As mentioned above, some activities we saved for our return as we did not have all of the tools we needed and we have successfully managed to complete those now we are back. Once we were done with activities we just discarded what we didn’t need in terms of instruction sheets (again I was conscious of carrying everything back to the US).

k-3 climbers is definitely rewarding experience for my children and for both myself and my husband. It gives us time to sit with our children and focus on something that does not involve a computer screen and it motivates us to get organized too. When traveling I found that it was much easier for me to lay out the upcoming days activities with all of the items required to complete the activity and ‘grab and go’. Keeping the attention span of the children can also be challenging when the adult has to take breaks to go and retrieve items, so this approach worked for me.

Overall, with some forward thinking and planning we were able to execute k-3 climbers successfully on our extended vacation. I felt better knowing that my children would have some learning built into their day; though some activities are more like fun play than learning anyway!