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5 Steps to Plan a Fun Adventure Day

Looking at the school calendar, I noticed few days off coming up and started thinking about pulling together an adventure day with my daughter, sister and niece. For several years, I have enjoyed a variety of adventure days. (quest hikes, museums, train rides, caving, etc.) The common theme for all of the adventures is to take time to actively be together for a special day out and about. In the end, we built lasting memories, explored and felt energized.

Below are 5 of the steps I consider in picking an adventure:

  1. Time: How far away can we travel? How much time can we spend on our adventure? ½ day, full day or more.
  2. Cost: Free is always great, such as hiking or biking to cool areas (waterfalls, rivers, mountain peaks). Some adventures can be low cost (canoeing, museums, city walk) and sometimes you feel the need to splurge (hot air balloon rides, amusement parks).
  3. Thrill Factor: What are you willing to take on for the day? How adventurous do you feel? Is it educational?
  4. Food: The best situation is a great restaurant close or I pack a lunch for our day trips and buy a special treat/dessert.
  5. Weather: If planning a few weeks ahead of time, it is a good idea to have an outdoor and indoor adventure option.

For an added touch of adventure, make the destination a surprise or invite others to join in the adventure.