The Impact of Parent Involvement

Photo By Spirit-Fire

Photo By Spirit-Fire

Would you do anything you could to give your child an educational advantage? What if it was as

simple as sitting down with them a few minutes a day to learn?

Studies have proven that parents’ involvement in their child’s education is actually the largest

predictor of academic success. When parents are able to create an environment where learning

is integrated into the daily routine, children are more motivated to learn.

Kids who have a parent who is engaged in their learning experience have better attendance in

school, complete more homework assignments, and achieve better grades. They also have

higher self-esteem and self-motivation. When kids talk to and learn from their parents, they are

less timid about setting high goals for themselves.

With K-3 Climbers, it is easy to facilitate such interaction with your child. Each monthly package

is curated with themed activities by two passionate teachers with 40 years of combined

experience. Just 10 to 20 minutes a day with your child can encourage an open conversation

about their goals and achievements and keep them on track for academic success.